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What's new
Personal Edition ver4.0 released, whole new GUI and API.
Latest build fixed several crashes and added firewall rules drag/drop feature
Main Features
Distributed network traffic monitor
  • Display real time network traffic speed for every computer in the network (Group Edition).
  • Display all active network applications on any computer in the network (Group Edition).
  • Display all sessions and listen to all ports for any active network application.
  • For service shared in svchost.exe, display real service name instead of just "svchost.exe"
  • Display application properties and loaded modules.
  • Support "Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)", and can monitor network usage of ICS clients without installing the NetPeeker agent in the clients.
  • Can monitor NETBIOS file transfer, which is copying shared files inside a local network.
  • Use "WHOIS" service to get detailed information on selected remote IP addresses and domain names.
Desktop based firewall on all computers
  • Integrated system firewall and application firewall.
  • Support rules on applications, IP addresses/port numbers, remote country, DNS names, protocol types, and HTTP URLs.
  • Rule-Exception mode rule structure for easier setup and understandable rule relations.
  • Support rule schedule, and can specify the effective time range for every firewall rule.
  • Fast firewall engine which can handle thousands of rules without performance impact.
  • Drop invalid network packets.
  • Detect and block port scans, SYN floods, and DOS attacks.
  • Stealth mode to hide your computer from hackers.
  • Support importing spyware rules from BlueTack or Sponge, which have excellent anti-spyware rule lists 
Network speed limitation and Priority based traffic shaping
  • Rule based network speed shaping. Rules can be specified on applications, IP addresses/port numbers, remote country, DNS names, protocol types, and HTTP URLs.
  • Support rule schedule, can specify the effective time range for every speed limit rule.
  • "priority based traffic shaping" feature, which allow you to give critical applications or certain remote sites more bandwidth.
  • Network traffic quota, specify monthly/daily network usage quota before block or limit speed
Protect system against "Malwares"
  • Protect system by monitoring system operations, deny operation by rules. Can be used to prevent malware from running
  • Rule on registry operations can specify detailed access type
  • Rule on execution operations can specify the command line argument
  • For all rules, "actor"(parent process) can be specified to refine the rule.
Log and analyze network traffic
  • Log every session, including start/stop time, applications, remote addresses/ports, total transferred bytes and average speed.
  • Generate network traffic statistics report, and display period network usage for every application and every remote IP.
  • Store log information in compact mode to save disk space.
  • Support archiving on the fly, archive log files from remote agents, and save the files in .ZIP format.
  • Load archived log files without uncompressing the archive.
  • Support exporting log information into text format.
Capture network traffic
  • Live capture network packets for any active network application or session.
  • Support pre-defined capture filter on applications, and use filter to get packets on appointed applications and remote addresses.
  • Associate captured packets with session logs, so you can browse captured packets while browsing logged sessions.
  • Support exporting captured packets into TCPDUMP format, so it can be further analyzed using third-part tools.
  • Support archiving on the fly, to archive captured files from remote agents, and save in .ZIP format.
  • Load archived capture files without uncompressing.