Changes History
Version 4.5.2 ( Jan 21, 2023 )
  • System guard add "effect day/hour" feature
  • Group edition further optimized console/agents communication, to avoid console hang caused by events flood.
  • Personal edition GUI show history bar when click the current down/up number
  • GUI Change text scale when user change Windows text size instead of DPI
  • Changed behavior of "Do not block local network". If one rule explicitly block by a local network address, honor it.
Issues fixed:
  • System guard fix issue that registry deletion was not detected/blocked
  • Fixed one crash when multiple network packets windows opened
  • Fix issue that drag/drop firewall rule items cause crash
Version 4.5.1 ( Dec 05, 2021 )
  • Whole new group edition 4.5.1
  • Change archiving to report progress more smooth and easy abort
  • Also show service name for non-svchost services, and for Wow64 process
  • Do not show duplicate listening port if listen on multiple interface
  • Firewall events now show rule name in brief list
  • Tested works for Windows 11
Issues fixed:
  • Query log with exact remote name filter got empty result
  • URLs captured in log was not display when show log detail
  • In statistics view, change view size will cause plot showing mess up
  • IP location failed show latitude/longitude
  • Some process exit but still keep live in process list
  • Listening UDP port will lose track after several minutes
  • Failed resolve unicode DNS name
Version 4.5.0 ( Jan 31, 2021 )
  • Re-written kernel driver for more solid architecture.
  • Better compatibility with Windows 10
  • New file/folder protection in SystemGuard
  • Display service name correctly on Windows 10
  • Acquire most established sessions upon install, do not need reboot
  • Improved priority based traffic shapping, better utilize network bandwidth
  • Audit files are more corrupt tolerant
  • Fixed outdated WHOIS and geo-location utility
Version 4.0.0 ( May 28, 2017 )
  • Re-written GUI. Re-organized features. Optimized display for high DPI monitor.
  • Provided API for implementing custom features.
Version 3.50 ( Jul 21, 2013 )
  • Optimized priority based throttle to be more smart and try to not waste network bandwidth.
  • Clean the Throttle setting page, move settings into extra dialog, to make settings clear.
  • Re-written the DOS detection code. Now it can detect DOS in period of "minute" or "hour" instead of "second" only.
  • Re-written the SYN flood protection code, actively force windows TCP/IP stack to release resources for the half-open sessions, to be able to accept more incoming connections
  • "System Guard" feature added ability to block .NET executibles.
  • Optimized BlueTrak rule importing, to be able to import more than 300000 records in short time. Also limited GUI ruleset tree to display only first 100 imported item, to improve dialog loading speed.
  • Personal Edition: Show different toaster title color for triggered allow/deny/ask rules.
  • Personal Edition: When close main window to the tray icon, display the "still running" balloon only twice (keep slient after twice display)
  • Added "Min" button to "View Detail" dialog.
  • Save and restore column position information for all TreeList controls, include columns width.
  • Add "Unblock" context menu for program and sessions, whenever there was a firewall rule created by "Block It!"
Issues fixed:
  • Display service name correctly for Win8/2012
  • Fixed conflict with "McAfee Internet Security" which caused sessions failed to be displayed
  • Fixed bug that when DNS cache full, firewall/throttle stop working for rules based on DNS name
  • Fixed an occasional BSOD when using throttle.
  • Fixed one BSOD on Win2003.
  • Fix issue that disabling rule in log or capture setting dialog does not work (it still enabled after applied).
  • Fix issue that when security event log was disabled and there is "NO log" rule, the blocked session still be logged.
  • Fix issue that when there are multiple-screen and the left one is the second one, Net-Peeker's scroll bars will stop working on the left screen.
  • Fixed issue that after firewall disabled, blocked ICMP/UDP sessions is still blocked
  • Fixed bug that throttle controls speed too aggressively when only one peer enable TCP window scaling
  • Fixed bug that some locale character in filewall rule name will crash GUI.
  • Personal Edition: Fix issue that when process dialog displayed for statistics or capture dialog, it bring up the main window and overlap the current dialog.
  • Fix issue that "Import Sponge's rule list" radio button will stay selected after selected once.
  • Fix bug that click column to sort does not work on columns which changed order.
  • Group Edition: Fix issue in remote installer dialog that collapse then expand the root network tree will result blank list.
Version 3.42 ( Jan 09, 2013 )
  • All Editions: A new option to apply filter to statistics log
Issues fixed:
  • All Editions: Fix issue that after update with "keep configuration", firewall rule was wiped until user apply .xml to .rul again.
  • All Editions: When need to open web browser (to show map for example), open user default browser instead of popup IE
  • Personal Editions: Resize option pages to fit inside 800x600.
Version 3.41 ( Jul 31, 2012 )
Bugs fixed:
  • Program speed always display 0 when there are multiple process instances
  • In rule editor, the time range can not specify '7pm - 12am', this is fixed, now it can input even like '7am-3am'
  • Sometimes will display lower speed than real for application which use high port number, like eMule.
  • Query log by "svchost.exe" will not return log items like "svchost.exe[DNScache]"
  • When processing fragmental IP packets, it will BSOD if follow-up fragments reached before the first fragment
  • Personal Edition: Uninstall old version and re-install new version will overwrite kept firewall rules.
Version 3.40 ( Jun 02, 2012 )
New features:
  • Network traffic quota. Allocate monthly or daily quota based on rule, chose block or limit speed after quota used up. This is a feature under "Throttle" engine, requires "throttle" engine to be enabled. You can also check current quota status inside throttle setting page.
  • Generic rule editor now support "remote country" criteria, so firewall and speed limit rule can be created based on remote country.
  • "Who is" and "session information" dialog add option to get remote geolocation.
  • A new utility to migrate exist agents to new console
  • All Editions: A new log query option to "show security events only"
  • All Editions: Added default option "Do not block or limit speed for sessions inside local network"
  • All Editions: Bytes and speed calculation changed to include all packet headers instead of payload only, to more suit the calculation of ISP and Windows system So the speed Net-Peeker displayed will be slightly higher then application display who only care about paypload
  • All Editions: Auto fit column size when user double-click any list column header
  • All Editions: By default enable log events and setup log folder to "[Net-Peeker folder]\log"
  • All Editions: Added log option to not save remote information in statistics, to reduce data size
  • All Editions: Improved the statistics bar display, to show more low data when contrast is too high
  • All Editions: In any query dialog, whenever "from date" or "to date" changes, automatically adjust the other one to avoid invalid date range
  • All Editions: Adjusted default firewall rules to avoid false alert on Win7
  • Personal Edition: Disable "block all traffic" when user is in remote session, to avoid leaving the remote machine unreachable
  • Group Edition: Improved agent status detection, do not warn user if agent not power on, only warn on real abnormal disconnection.
  • Group Edition: Improved security event collection. Agent will cache them locally if console not running or unreachable, and send them all to console when console connected again
  • Group Edition: All connected agents will get polled for speeds every 5 seconds, no need for "Monitor agent speed" menu. "Managed" agent will still get polled every 1 second
Bugs fixed:
  • All Editions: Fixed a crash on Vista/Win7
  • All Editions: Fixed one issue on Win2003R2 SP2 that occasionally copying file from Win7 to it will fail
  • All Editions: Fixed processing on UDP packet which caused inaccurate bytes/speed display and speed limit.
  • All Editions: Fixed bug that statistics bar failed to show data larger than 2 gigabytes
  • All Editions: Fix bug that exporting log items get wrong result.
  • All Editions: Fix a false positive in System Guard when application try to create an exist key
  • Personal Edition: Fixed one issue that when screen size changed, GUI cannot be display because it remembered old position which now outside of screen.
  • Personal Edition: Fix issue that failed to detect system process termination on Vista/Win7
  • Personal Edition: Fix issue on traffic history dialog that scroll forward requires two clicks on the scroll bar.
  • Group Edition: Fixed a bug that uninstallation occasionally delete license and config files even if was informed not to
Version 3.30 ( Aug 14, 2011 )
  • New major feature - System Guard. Protect system by monitoring operations on registry and execution attempts, deny operation by rules.
  • Removed "popup killer" feature for XP/2003 (for Win7, there was no such feature), because web browser did better now.
  • Distinguish services hosted inside svchost.exe, display them separately.
  • Re-write the throttle priority codes, now it's easier to use and not require input network interface maximum speed.
  • Improved string display in detail dialog and log viewer, to display long strings neatly.
  • Changed WhoIs code to parse new data format get from ARIN.
  • For firewall/throttle/log rule list, added check box beside each rule to disable/enable rule more easier (per customer request)
  • Group edition console can "un-manage" agent now.
  • Group edition console highlight current "managed" agent.
Version 3.21 ( Jan 16, 2011 )
New features added:
  • Firewall rule on application now support wildcard.
    For example A rule of "c:\program files\aaa\*.exe" will match all ".exe" files inside that folder, not include sub folders.
    A rule of "c:\program files\...\*.exe" will match all ".exe" in folder "c:\program files", include all sub folders.
Bug Fixed:
  • Fixed issue with Win2003, on which coping file from Win7 to Win2003 failed.
  • Fixed crash in WhoIs. When query "", the server return line too long.
  • Fixed several crashes on Vista/Win7
  • Fixed an issue on firewall rule on URL. If the session accessed multiple URLs, firewall rule only worked one first one.
  • Fixed GUI exit when ESC pressed.
  • Fixed license issue on Group edition, the license information was not sent to agent.
  • Tuned the throttle to make it more accurate.
  • Fixed speed calculate issue on PPPOE network, which was faster then real speed.
  • Fixed a bug that setting throttle on single session did not work.
  • Fixed the statistics dialog, sometimes it display empty graph
Version 3.20 ( Aug 1, 2010 )
  • Fully support Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 2008
  • Fixed the packet delay issue
  • Add applications and sessions speed limit feature (by customer request)
  • Add pausing and resuming live data capturing feature.
  • Freshly installed Netpeeker can start working without rebooting, except it will not monitor established sessions prior to the installation.
  • Fixed the XP SP3 firewall issue, which denied the DNS client by mistake.
  • Firewall and Throttle features will be disabled by default. This is to avoid the problem during installation through remote session.
  • No longer requiring the Windows Firewall to be disabled.
  • Removed pop-up killer feature for Vista and Windows 7, because modern browsers have better pop-up control themselves.
  • Stopped Windows 98/ME and NT support, because Microsoft stopped supporting them.
Version 3.1 ( Jul 29, 2007 )
  • Fully support x64 windows (XP and Windows 2003)
  • Shows and Logs all accessed URLs
  • For rules on ICMP protocol, now you can specify the ICMP types
  • Improved log viewer for personal edition, to be the same as group edition. (Query logs faster and shows in pages)
  • Enhanced file version detection, now display version information for some modules with wrong language code
  • Enhanced statistics collection, now can gether real time statistics instead of 5 minutes delay
  • Show national flags for country in WHOIS query result.
  • Improved agent connection, reconnect after network broken
Version 3.0 Group Edition ( Jan 15, 2007 )
  • Distributed network traffic monitor.With agents installed on target computers, now you can monitor application speed on any local computer from console
  • From console, you can limit network speed of any local computer
  • Improved log data structure, more query options, and more fast.
  • Archive logs and statistics from agents, zip on the fly.
  • Browse archived logs without uncompress zip file.
  • Live capture network packets from any agent.
  • All agent will report security events to console, you can see all events centrally from console.
  • Remote install agent without going to the desktop (not available for 98/ME agent)
Version 2.83 ( Jun 27, 2005 )
New features added:
  • During install time, there are two new firewall options: "Typical Mode" and "Learning Mode". While "Typical Mode" is the same as old versions, the "Learning Mode" will ask user for actions on each network activity.
  • Interface list in the Throttle setting dialog now display both active and inactive interfaces, include dial-up and VPN, and it will show the interface descriptions.
  • Now you can set option of firewall rule to disable it after certain time.
  • For "Allow" firewall rule, you can set it to block more connections if the concurrent sessions exceed limitation.
Features improved:
  • The firewall popup confirmation dialog is improved. User can chose from multiple pre-defined rules for future actions.
  • Uninstall of NetPeeker will not remove license information unless user ask for.
  • Improved firewall preview, shows all options.
Bug fixed:
  • Fixed a throttle bug on 98/ME which cause system freeze (System function ExQueueWorkItem() is not safe on 98/ME).
  • Fixed a crash when throttle apply to heavy IIS server.
  • Fixed a crash on XP SP2.
  • Fixed the waiting message of WHOIS dialog on 98/ME
Version 2.82 ( May 20, 2005 )
New features added:
  • New scale sliders on "history graph" dialog
  • New capture option to set how many packets stored in each capture file. Old way will start a new capture every 5 mins, which will generate too many files sometimes
  • Backup old firewall rule file whenever it changed
Features improved:
  • Now it is WinRoute compatible, but following features was disabled to avoid conflict.
    - Limit speed for ICS clients.
    - Ask for confirmation when sending ICMP or raw IP packets.
Bug fixed:
  • Fixed a kernel memory leak when log is enabled
  • Fixed a bug that display speed incorrectly for heavy server
  • Fixed the freezing small traffic graph on main window.
Version 2.81 ( Apr 15, 2005 )
New features added::
  • Live capture traffic packets for application/process.
  • Generate capture rule from live capture
  • Monitor and block listening actions on UDP ports
Features improved:
  • Enable modifying all option settings when install, before reboot.
  • Automatically convert 8.3 file path name to long path name.
  • Display sequence number in capture display dialog
Bug fixed:
  • Fixed the upload plot in statistics view which could not update. (maybe due to a XP theme problem)
  • Fixed the bug that listening port will disappear after sometime.
Version 2.8 ( Mar 22, 2005 )
New features added:
  • Throttle Priority: Give critical applications more bandwidth.
  • DOS attack detection and block: Block remote address if it try to connect to your computer very frequently.
  • Firewall can run on "Learning" mode: Prompt user before take action, and create rules by user demand.
  • Log live update: Live update log item list when you browse the latest logs.
  • WHOIS now can return domain name registration information.
  • Application traffic graph: display application traffic graph along with total traffic graph.
  • New option to disable updating session information: This will keep low CPU usage on busy server.
Features improved:
  • Now the "Load capture file" feature can load both saved capture file and raw capture file
  • Single driver which compatible with F-Secure and Outpost products, no patch any more.
  • Log viewer can load raw log file.
  • Improved the graph display, more smooth when drag the scroll bar, and display the time range tip while dragging.
  • Event popup "toaster" use different color to indicate different critical level.
  • Change the meaning of system buttons: "minimize to tray icon" changed to "minimize to taskbar", while "exit" changed to "minimize to tray icon".
  • Display full main menu when right click the tray icon.
  • If capture was enabled, system firewall will capture the problem packet automatically when detected attack.
Bug fixed:
  • Fixed a memory leak in system objects, which will cause crash if run with Symantec AV for long time.
  • Now the log viewer filter can handle wildcard "*" correctly
  • Fixed a crash when running with VPN.
Version 2.73 ( Nov 17, 2004 )
New features added:
  • Live Capture: Display live session packets without setting up capture rules.
  • "WHOIS" becomes a standalone tool now. You can query any remote IP inside "WHOIS Window"
Features improved:
  • Reduced disk access when writing log file.
Bug fixed:
  • Fixed a bug inside "detail window" which lose focus line if "auto-remove dead session" was enabled.
  • Fixed a bug inside "detail window" which will stop update speed if there is only when session displayed.
  • Fixed several crash bugs.
Version 2.72 ( Oct 23, 2004 )
Features improved:
  • Throttle on per remote address
  • New firewall option to alert for incoming connections, this can also be refined to alert only blocked connections
  • New log option to log only security events.
  • New log viewer filter option to list only blocked sessions and security events.
Bug fixed:
  • Fix bug which will cause shutdown/reboot very slow on some computer.
  • Make it compatible with terminal service server.
  • Fix bug which will make many closed TCP connections stay in FIN_WAIT_2 state after running throttle for long time.
  • Fix false positive SCAN_SYN
  • Display toaster in correct position on dual-monitor system.
  • Fix a annoying problem which popup toaster will grab input focus.
Version 2.71 ( Sep 23, 2004 )
Features improved:
  • Improve display contrast of speed panel
  • Firewall options become more configurable
Bug fixed:
  • Fix bug when connect to Internet with DSL modem
  • Fix bug when laptop go into sleep mode
Version 2.70 ( Aug 23, 2004 )
New features added:
  • System Level Firewall. Now NetPeeker works on even lower level, can provide more protection. Now it can stop SYN flood, be invisible to remote scan (stealth mode), and stop IP fragmental attack. By working in this level, it can now detect ICMP and raw IP traffic.
  • Data Capture. This is useful to see what exactly an application sending out and received in. The captured packets can be exported into TCPDUMP format so you can load it into more complicate network analyzer to examine it.
  • Support to Internet Connection Sharing. See what your little brother is doing! Setup Internet bandwidth quota for each computer in your internal network.
  • Support local network file sharing. Now it can monitor file transfer using windows file sharing, and set speed limit on that.
  • Import third party firewall/spyware rules. There are some excellent public firewall/spyware rule list resource on Internet. We don't want to reinvent wheel. You can download those list and import into NetPeeker. New optimized firewall engine can handle ten thousands of rules without add heavy burden to CPU.
  • Unplug network. This feature is used to disable whole network connection when some emergency happened.
  • Kill process. This feature is used to kill suspicious process or whole application happened.
Features improved:
  • Enable/Disable feature from main window
  • Show traffic history graph on main window
  • Customizable list column
  • Display both application and process on main window, in layers.
  • Display listening ports and total sessions for each application/process
  • Add splitter for some window
  • Improved traffic history graph window. Add Zoom In, Zoom Out and Slider. Display detail information on cursor position.
  • Improved statistics graph, display detail information on cursor position.
  • More flexible alert options, chose from "no alert", "popup toaster" or "popup dialog"
  • Optimized firewall rule engine. Process more firewall rules with little CPU usage.
  • Firewall rules now saved in xml format.
  • Limit log size.
  • More flexible throttle setting, based on rules. Rules take effect right after applying, no application restart required.
  • The log viewer dialog load faster.
  • Export log items into text file.
Version 2.60 ( Oct 16, 2003 )
New features added:
  • History Statistics. Record all traffic statistics information and display it visually. Information include: how many bytes totally downloaded and uploaded during a period; How many bytes for each application and each remote address.
  • Firewall alert. When a network action was blocked by firewall, there will be a popup alert to inform user what's happened. This will prevent blocking good session.
Features improved:
  • Totally rewritten kernel driver.
  • All dialogs and windows are now resizable.
  • Customized list control box, not only for good look, but also for better performance.
  • By split packets, the throttle will keep network traffic more smoothly.
  • Multiple instance of one application will not show multiple item on list.
  • The most recent active application will display as green.
  • "Sort" will function continually. That is to say, after you sort on one column, it will keep sorted.
  • Session log filter to limit only log specified sessions.
  • When view log, user now can filter the result list with filter.
  • Now user can setup throttle to limit total download or upload speed.
  • With one click, user can close all connections of one application, no need to close them one by one.
  • Popup killer now works with Internet browsers (IE, Netscape, Opera... user can append this list) only, other application will not be affected.
  • New registration policy. Unregistered user can still use many features after trial period expired. (ver2.0x will not continue).
Version 2.53 patch0819 ( Aug 19, 2003 )
Bug fixed:
  • System freeze when limit upload speed for DC++ or BitTorrent.
  • Cannot display some gzip compressed web page if using popup killer
Version 2.53 ( May 07, 2003 )
Features improved:
  • Adjust the calculation of speed, to make it more accurate.
Bug fixed:
  • Install NetPeeker on some Windows ME box will block all Internet access.
  • When throttle is applied on a outgoing FTP session, the last several bytes will lost.
  • Uninstall NetPeeker on some Windows XP box will cause loss of Internet connection
  • When throttle is applied, the session speed cannot exceed 40K/s
Version 2.52 ( March 21, 2003 )
Bug fixed:
  • System crash on Win2000/XP after running several hours with log enabled. This bug tends to happen on non-English system with small memory. This fix applies to both version 2.0x and 2.5x.
  • A GPF (General Protection Fault) on Win98/ME.
  • A potential bug which may cause dead-lock on dual-processor systems.
Version 2.51 ( March 16, 2003 )
New features added:
  • Dual-processor support.
  • Windows NT support.
Bug fixed:
  • A "use after destroy" bug which will cause BSOD when applying throttle on application with many connections. Thanks Ferry.
  • A interface bug, which will display more than one item in list for a single process.
Version 2.5 ( February 28, 2003 )
New features added:
  • Network data transfer throttle, to limit speed.
  • Popup killer
  • Enhanced WHOIS, trace back to the source of remote user.
  • Predefined rules for personal firewall
  • Predefined rules for Spyware
  • Transfer speed plot
Features improved:
  • Add "switch to" function, switch to the window of application
  • Show applications' icon on list
  • Add button to toggle display between "speed" and "total bytes"
  • Add button to reset peak speed
  • Show loaded modules in application detail information window
  • Show remote DNS name when possible
  • Auto remove dead process and closed connections
  • Optional check new version on startup
  • Optional start at system startup
  • Add password protection. You can setup password so only you can control NetPeeker
  • Improved rule editor, add "rule set" concept, rules on URL, rules on DNS name, rule preview.
  • Create new log file everyday.
Version 2.02 ( February 28, 2003 )
Bug Fixed:
  • Fixed one interface problem. Dialog controls will overlap when using "big font"
  • Fixed two installer problem. One is installer try to load user's hive when install. The other is install will disable system protect file.
Version 2.01 ( November 23, 2002 )
Features improved:
  • A little improvement on main window, make the list "One Click Activate", so user can easily find out how to show the detail information.
Bug Fixed:
  • Fixed a problem when running with Symantec Firewall.
  • Fixed version number problem.
Version 2.0 ( November 18, 2002 )
New features added:
  • Disconnect. Now you can release your IE by abort connection whenever it hang up. You can also disconnect unwanted connections in your P2P applications.
  • Block. Add rule based block list feature. You can specify block certain program, block address/port, block Inbound/Outbound. You can also specify the effect period
  • Log. Can enable/disable log, view log information.
  • New interface.
Features improved:
  • Change hook point under Win98, now it can capture system network activity, include NETBIOS activity.
  • Show more connection information in detail window.
Version 1.5 ( October 27, 2002 )
New features added:
  • Totally rewritten filter engine on TDI layer. Now it can catch more system level activities, and more hidden connections.
  • Show Session detail information.
  • Sort lists by click lists header
  • Hot-Inspection. On win2000 or WinXP, you can use NetPeeker right after installation, without reboot. This is useful when you want to know "What's happened RIGHT NOW", which maybe cannot duplicated after reboot. Note that in this mode, NetPeeker can capture all active connections, but it may not able report correct speed.
Version 1.0 ( October 9, 2002 )
The first version.